Native American Houses

Kiowa Indian

An illustrated guide to Native American Houses and homes of various Indian tribes with pictures and videos. The Native American Houses homes and shelters section includes interesting Facts and information about Tepees, Wigwams, Brush shelters, Wickiups and Chickees. Their Way of Life living in Earthen houses, Hogans, Pit Houses, Longhouses, Adobes, Pueblos, Wattle & Daub homes, Grass houses and Plankhouses

Native American Houses, Homes and Shelters
A comprehensive and illustrated guide to Native American Houses and the culture of the Native American and the indigenous people of North America. All of our articles are accompanied by pictures, paintings and many have videos - all bringing the Native American Houses to life and enabling a better understanding of the lifestyle  (way of life) and the homes and shelters that the Native Indians lived in. The picture to right illustrates a Kiowa Tepee, one of the most famous of the Native American houses and homes.

Native American Houses - Tepees & Wigwams
Tepees are pointed tent-like American Indian houses, not to be confused with wigwams, which are small rounded cone shaped structures with an arched roof made of wooden frames that are covered with woven mats and sheets of birch bark which are held in place by ropes or strips of wood.

Kiowa tepee

Pictures of Native American Houses
The Pictures of Native Americans in this section provide an opportunity to study the differences between the  homes and shelters used by the different tribes of Native Americans. There are pictures, paintings, images and photographs of all the different types of Native American Houses.

Native American Houses, Homes and Shelters
TepeeWigwams or Wickiups Brush shelters
Chickees (Stilt Houses)Earthen houses or HogansThe Longhouse
Adobe houses or pueblosAsi or Wattle and Daub HousesGrass houses
PlankhousesCanoe HousesMounds
Cliff HousesPit HousesMedicine Lodge
BarabaraIgloosSod Houses
Tule Mat LodgesLean-toNative American Indian Villages
Kiich HousesCedar Bark Teppee 


Native American Houses
The life styles of Native Americans ranged from nomadic, semi-nomadic to static and their homes reflected their way of life. The massive area of the United States incorporates many different types of climate and land and the Native American houses, homes and shelters were dictated by the natural raw materials available to the Indians in the areas they inhabited. The weather and the changing seasons also affected their way of life at different times of the year. The Native American houses and homes therefore included a huge variety of different styles. The Native American Indians who lived on the borders of the State often reflected two different types of houses, shelters and homes which suited their lifestyles which changed according to area and season.


Wichita lodge grasshouse

Picture of a Wichita lodge grass house


List of Native American Houses, Homes and Shelters
The list of different types of Native American homes and shelters included tepees, wigwams, brush shelters, wickiups, chickees (stilt houses), earthen houses, hogans, earth lodges, pit houses, longhouses, adobe houses, pueblos, asi wattle and daub, grass houses, tule lodges, kiich and plankhouses. The most ancient of the Native American civilisations also include the houses of homes of the indigenous people referred to as cliff dwellers and mound builders.

  • Tepees - Plains Tribes
  • Wigwams aka Birchbark houses - Northeast, Eastern Woodlands tribes
  • Chickees aka Stilt Houses or Platform Houses - Southwest tribes
  • Wickiups (Brush shelters) - Southwest tribes
  • Tule Mat Lodges - Southwest and California tribes
  • Earthen Houses / Pit Houses / Hogans - South West Coast and Plateau Native Americans
  • Longhouses - Northeast Woodland tribes
  • Cedar Bark Tepees - California tribes
  • Grass Houses - Prairie Indians and California
  • Kiich Houses - Southern, inland Californian tribes
  • Adobe Houses (Pueblos) - Southwest tribes
  • Asi Wattle and Daub houses - Southeast tribes
  • Plank houses - Pacific Northwest coast, Sub-Arctic tribes
  • Lean-to: Temporary shelters used by various tribes tribes
  • Smokehouses - Sub-Arctic tribes
  • Igloos and Sod Houses - Arctic tribes
  • Barabaras - Artic Tribes

Native American Houses

  • Native American Homes for kids
  • Native American homes and shelters
  • Interesting Facts and information about Tepees, Wigwams, Brush shelters, Wickiups and Chickees
  • Adobe houses, Pueblos, Wattle and Daub homes, Grass houses and Plankhouses
  • Homework resource about Native American homes for kids, students and teachers


Pictures and Videos of Native American Houses

Discover the vast selection of pictures on the subject of Native American houses, homes and shelters. The pictures show the different houses and homes of various American Native Indian tribes that can be used as a really useful educational resource for kids and children of all ages. We have included pictures and videos to accompany the main topic of this section - Native American Houses. The videos enable fast access to the images, paintings, photographs and pictures together with the information and the many facts featured on this subject. Details of all of the articles and pages contained on can be accessed via the American Native Indian Tribes Index. We hope you enjoy watching the Native American House, shelter and home related videos - just click and play - a great educational resource for kids.



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