Indian Tribes


A comprehensive illustrated guide to Indian Tribes of North America with pictures and videos. The Indian Tribes include the Apache, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chinook, Comanche, Hopi and Sioux. Containing facts and information about United States Indian Tribes. Learn about the men and women of these Famous Indian Tribes and their History, Houses, Food, Weapons, Art and Culture.

The Indigenous People of the United States

Discover interesting facts and information about the history and culture of Native American Indians and their tribes

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Indian Tribes

A comprehensive and illustrated guide to Indian Tribes and the culture of the Native American and the indigenous people of North America. All of our articles are accompanied by pictures, paintings and many have videos - all bringing Indian Tribes to life and enabling a better understanding of the Native American people. The amazing picture on the right is of an Hidatsu Tribe Dog Dancer.

Indian Tribes
The culture and history of the Indian Tribes of North America form the basis of this section. Learn about the life of the people of the Indian Tribes. Their culture, religion, beliefs and ceremonies. The role of Indian women and children in each of the Indian Tribes. The types of houses and homes they lived in and their food. The clothes and clothing of all the different tribes of Native American Indians.

The massive area of the United States incorporates many different types of climate and land. The way of life of the different Indian Tribes were dictated by the natural raw materials available in the area they lived and the animals, fish, birds, plants, nuts, berries and trees. Their subsistence was related to agriculture and hunting.


Information and Facts about Indian Tribes
The articles and pictures of Native American Indians in this section provide an opportunity to study the differences between the Indian tribes of Native Americans. There are articles about the major Indian Tribes and their great chiefs and leaders.




Indian Tribes
The life styles of Native Americans and the various Indian Tribes ranged from nomadic, semi-nomadic to static and their houses and homes reflected their way of life. The different types of Native American houses, homes and shelters of Indian tribes included tepees, wigwams, brush shelters, wickiups, chickees, earthen houses, hogans, earth lodges, pit houses, longhouses, adobe houses, pueblos, wattle and daub, grass houses and plankhouses. All of these houses and facts and information about the Native American Indian tribes are described together with videos, pictures, photographs and paintings.


Sioux Tepees

Picture of Sioux Tepees


Indian Tribes
The natural resources and materials available provided the food and the clothing of the Native Indian tribes of North America. The weather and the changing seasons also affected the way of life of an Indian tribe at different times of the year especially their houses, homes and transport. Their language, religions, weapons, trading currencies, beliefs and religions were also important elements of their way of life.
Articles include facts and info about the Apache Indian tribes, Pueblo, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne Indian tribes, Chinook, Comanche, Creek, Hopi Indian tribes, Huron, Iroquois, Mohawk, Mohican, Natchez, Navajo , Pawnee, Sioux Indian tribes.

Abenaki Indians

Picture of the Abenaki Indian Tribes


Indian Tribes

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Pictures and Videos of Indian Tribes

Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos on the subject of Indian Tribes. The pictures show the clothing, weapons and decorations of various Indian tribes that can be used as a really useful educational resource for kids and children of all ages. We have included pictures and videos to accompany the main topic of this section - Indian Tribes. The videos enable fast access to the images, paintings and pictures together with the information and the many facts featured on this subject. Details of all of the articles and pages contained on can be accessed via the Native Indian Tribes Index. We hope you enjoy watching the Indian Tribes related videos - just click and play - a great educational resource for kids.



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