Picture of a Ojibwe Chippewa Woman

Picture of a Ojibwe Chippewa Woman

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Look at the picture of the Ojibwe Chippewa Indian woman for a great insight into the clothing and ornaments worn by this tribe of Native American Indians.

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Picture of Ojibwe Chippewa Native American - Description and Points of Interest

The name of the artist is George Catlin (1796-1872). The picture, depicting traditional dress,  provides the opportunity to study the culture and clothing of this Native American Indian woman. The name of the Native Indian woman in the picture is J-ah-ks-gaw, Woman with Her Child in a Cradle, 1835, Ojibwe Chippewa tribe. The picture of her raises different points of interest which increase knowledge and understanding of Native Indian tribes:

  • What materials have been used to make the clothes?

  • What ornaments or decorations are being worn?

  • What items or accessories is she holding?

  • What image does the picture convey?

The title we have given the picture reflects the name of the tribe, for ease of identification.

Description of the Picture
The portrait of a Chippeway woman with her child in its crib or cradle [the umbilicus] hanging before the child's face for its supernatural protector. The artist of this painting, George Catlin, wrote the following to accompany this picture:

The woman's dress was mostly made of civilized manufactures, but curiously decorated and ornamented according to Indian taste.

The Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians (1832 - 1839)
by George Catlin

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Discover the vast selection of pictures of Native Americans which includes the picture of the Ojibwe Chippewa Indian woman. The pictures show the clothing, ornaments and decorations of various Native Indian tribes, can be used as a really useful educational resource for kids and children of all ages. Our series of videos enable fast access to the images, pics, paintings and pictures together with information and many facts. We hope that the pictures, paintings, pics and images will assist in your studies or homework and that you enjoy watching the videos featuring many Pictures of the Native American Women - a great educational resource for kids.

Picture of Ojibwe Chippewa

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