Native American Languages Map

The Native American Languages Map provides a useful overview of the location of the various languages spoken by the Native American Indians of North America and Canada. The map is color coded and gives a visual idea of the many languages spoken by the Native Americans and vast area the indigenous population covered.

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Native American Languages Map - Historical Map
The above map is an historical map and sadly illustrates the dying culture in respect of the Native American languages. The Language areas illustrated are those spoken at the earliest time of European contact, as far as can be determined. Since European contact occurred at different times in different areas, there are no accurate historical Native American maps of the entire continent of a single time period.  Although some of the languages are still spoken in North America by Native Americans many languages indicated on the map have become extinct. The tribes who spoke these extinct languages have also become extinct.

Native American Languages Map - Dialects
The Native Americans spoke approximately 600 dialects in nearly 300 different languages. Linguists have organised the Native American languages to the primary groups which are are separated by location. The primary groups are categorised as Siouan, Aleut, Algonquian, Athabascan, Chinookan and Uto-Aztecan.

Native American Languages Map - Tribes
The Siouan languages are spoke by tribes including the Winnebago, Iowa, Otoe, Omaha, Kansa, Osage, Sioux or Dakota, Hidatsa, Crow and the Mandan people in areas ranging from the northeast, the southeast, the Plains and Northern California. The Aleut and Eskimo Inuit languages are spoken by these tribes in the Artic regions. The Chinook, Eyak, Coast Salish,  Tlingit, Tillamook and Chimakum people spoke the Chinookan languages. The Eastern woodland tribes such as the Shawnee, Fox, Sauk, Delaware, Pequot and Menominee spoke the Algonquian language. The five civilised tribes of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole peoples spoke Siouan, Algonquian, Caddoan, Uto-Aztecan and Athabaskan. The Hopi, Pueblo, Zuni, Apache and Navajo tribes spoke Siouan, Algonquian, Caddoan, Uto-Aztecan and Athabaskan languages.

Native American Languages Map

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