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The article provides facts and information about Seminole land. The Native Americans including the Seminole tribe had never developed a system of private land ownership like the European settlers.

Native Indian land was not owned by individuals. It could not be sold. Seminole land therefore belonged to the whole community.

But there were tribal boundaries. Seminole land was recognised by the settlement of the tribe within the boundaries of their territory.

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Seminole Land
The Seminole are a Native American Indian tribe who were originally from Florida and now reside primarily in that state and Oklahoma. The Seminole separated (their name means "separatist") from the Creek tribe in the early 1700's and settled in the former territory of the Apalachee in Florida where they were joined by black runaway slaves.

The Seminole Land that was home to the tribe, as indicated on the Seminole Land Map, had been occupied by the tribe before the arrival of the Europeans.

They had never experienced the way of the Europeans especially in relation to the subject of Land Ownership.

The ownership of Seminole land became the source of the bitter conflicts between the white European settlers, the U.S. and the Native American Indians.

Seminole Land Map

Seminole Land 1832 - 1833


Seminole Land
The Seminole Native Americans lived in harmony with the land which was emphasized by the their culture, religion and beliefs. The idea of an individual person having exclusive use of a particular piece of land was completely alien to Native Americans.

Seminole Land - Ownership?
The Seminole fought, as communities, with other tribes over hunting rights to their territory. But the "right" to the land was very different from the legal terms understood by the white settlers relating to individual ownership. The Seminole Indians had no concept of "private property," as applied to the land, but were soon to experience this European idea, through the constant encroachment on the tribal territories and Seminole land.



Seminole Land - Wars and Conflicts
The American Indian Wars is the name used in the United States to describe a series of wars, battles and conflicts between American settlers or the U.S. army, and the Native American Indians before and after the American Revolutionary War. The Seminole were under Spanish rule but became involved in several major conflicts with the United States including the War of 1812 and conflicts between 181718. General Andrew Jackson retaliated and invaded Florida with more than 3,000 men to punish the Seminole. Treaties were broken and in 1835 the Seminole led by Chief Osceola began the Seminole Wars which lasted for nearly eight years.

Seminole Land - Moved to the Reservation
The Seminole were defeated in 1842 and were forced to move to Oklahoma under the Removal Act of 1830 although some retreated to the Everglades of Florida.

Seminole Land - Dawes General Allotment Act
The Dawes General Allotment Act was passed by Congress in 1887 which led to the break up of the large Indian Reservations and the sale of Indian lands, including Seminole lands to white settlers.


Seminole Land - Tribal Map

The Tribe location map provides a general overview of the tribal territories and land inhabited by various tribes of Native Indians.

The Tribe Location Map provides a bird's eye view of the Seminole land and their proximately to other famous Native American tribes and their tribal territories.

The Seminole Native Indians,  together with the other Native American tribes, were removed from their land and sent to inhospitable reservations.

They waited until 1969 when all Indians were declared citizens of the U.S.

  Tribe Location Map

Seminole Land - Tribe Location Map


Seminole Land

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